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Minnesota DWI Lawyer: Insights and Updates

5th December 2017

Minnesota DWI Lawyer David R. Lundgren details the changes made by the legislature to Minnesota’s DWI laws and offers his insight into a portion of the wide array of available DWI defenses, some new and… Read more »

By The Numbers: Car Accidents In Minnesota

7th November 2017

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) issues yearly reports about the car accidents that occur on Minnesota roadways.  In its most recent edition, Minnesota DPS named their report Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash Facts.  DPS… Read more »

Civil Rights Part 4 – Illegal Home Searches

31st October 2017

Today we take on illegal home searches. This post will continue our examination of some of the more common civil rights claims available to persons aggrieved by government wrongdoing. In our last post in this series, we discussed Section… Read more »

Criminal Vehicular Operation Charges: Part I

24th October 2017

Many people believe the terms criminal vehicular operation (CVO) and criminal vehicular homicide (CVH) are synonymous with hurting another person when driving while impaired or under the influence.  Although injuring or killing another person while… Read more »

Civil Rights Part 3 – Unlawful Arrest

9th October 2017

This post will continue our in-depth look at some of the more common civil rights claims available to persons aggrieved by government wrongdoing. In our last post, we discussed the claims of excessive force, sometimes… Read more »

Civil Rights Part 1 – You vs. Who?

6th September 2017

In addition to our criminal defense practice, we practice in the field of plaintiffs’ civil rights, which means that we take on cases where individuals have been injured or wronged by the actions of government officials,… Read more »

Your First Appearance in Court

4th August 2017

A common concern of our clients is what will happen at their first court appearance. Routinely, our answer is “not much”. The purpose of a first appearance in any gross misdemeanor or felony case is… Read more »

An Out of Court Article on Hearsay

5th June 2017

Today, we had an article published in Minnesota Bench & Bar on the topic of hearsay.  You can read the full text of the article below, or by clicking here. An Out of Court Article on Hearsay… Read more »